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Resource libraries for programmers and developers is a personal web site with programming / developing related information.


Articles are written based on various information gathered from internet or from actual codings and operations. Since this site is built as a part of author’s personal hobby, there may be information incorrect or completely wrong, though author will try to do best for providing accurate information. Article may be modified or deleted without notice (site itself might be deleted).

Author / Administrator of this site will not provide any warranty of the item whatsoever. Please handle information you got from this site at your own risk.


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Intel, Intel Atom, Intel Core, Pentium is registered trademark for Intel Corporation in United States and other countries.

AMD  is a registered trademark for Advanced Micro Devices,Inc

Official name for Windows  is Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows 7, Office, Excel is a registered trademark for Microsoft Corporation in United States and other countries.

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