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Animal Crossing New Leaf Design BBS

Animal Crossing New Leaf Design BBS

To easily share your original design created with Android App with users in world, Animal Xing Designer, I’ve made Image BBS and added functionality to directly upload design from App to BBS. Currently posting can be done only from App. Since this is first time to launch image BBS and linking with App, I’m hoping this works without problem. Hope many people make good use of it.

Read/Write multi QR code using Zxing Part3 : Writing QR

Writing out structured array QR code, in my case, pages of QR code was fixed to 4 and data size per code was fixed, so I didn’ t create function to automatically split data to multiple QR codes. It’s best if library handles one big data to be encoded, and automatically split into appropriate QR codes, and return multiple QR code bitmaps, but this will need big modification in source code. I only made modification to Zxing source code as follow: Add function name to create structured array QR code Add flag, current page, total page, and parity to header data Split data, calculating pages, and parity is done on …

Read/Write multi QR code using Zxing Part2 : Reading QR

Reading structured array isn’t difficult; you can use Zxing library as is. Below is part of source code from my Animal Crossing designer app. Data is decoded to Binary (since QR data is binary in Animal Crossing), and decodeHint parameter is set that way. For structured array QR code, total pages, current page, and other info is written in header part. To get header data, above getRawBytes() function is used. This function returns all raw QR code data including header data. For structured array QR code, leading 5 bytes has following data. 4bit on left side of 0 byte in QR code header is 3 N is current number of …

Read/Write multi QR code using Zxing Part1 : Prepare Code

Upon developing android design tool for Animal Crossing, New Leaf (3DS game), I needed to read / write structured append QR code (4 sets of QR code consisting one data). I made a little modification to Zxing code, and will explain how I did it. I’m not going to explain detail on how to use Zxing library; refer to other site for basic usage. You need to prepare Ant for building Zxing source code, but if you only need to read structured array QR, you don’t need to rebuild source code (can be done using default library). If you want to create structrued array QR code, you will need to …