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Royalty Free Images : Other」 に4件のコメント

  1. Luna says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Pictures ^_^
    TYSM 4 sharing them 🙂
    I saved some to my comp. in hopes of using something 4 a pattern..
    Or backround pic. of my profile on Fb lol xD
    TY again your an Awesome photographer !!!!! 😀

  2. Adryana says:

    If you don’t have anything beinhd it, it will default to black. If you are exporting it, make sure you export it in a format that carries an alpha channel like Apple Animation.

  3. Aitor says:

    It is a nice Template. I was looking for one like this. Thanks!In the edit comps fodelr where are all the images-comps there is missing imgage #5 !There are in total only 14 images, not 15.Finaly in comp1 are 15 images because image #1 comes twice on position #13.I think its a bug

  4. Kaycee says:

    فایل هایی که برای دانلود در پوشه dlc Ú瘰دشتین خیلی کمتر اون چیزی هست که در عکس مشاهده میشه اگر میشه بقیش رو برای دانلود بزارید ( البته اگر به Time out شدن هنگام وصل شدن به سرور ربط داره) ممنون.

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