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Animal Crossing New Leaf is a game for 3DS, and during the play, if you keep on contacting Able Sisters, you will become able to design your own cloth, hat, flag, etc, and also enables sharing with your friends by using QR code.

I have created Android app for reading / writing this QR code, with design tool so you can design using your android device. I will leave data structure for QR code I’ve analyzed during development, for somebody who might want.

animal crossing

Below is movie for my app for reference.

Data is encoded to QR code in binary format, with multiple QRs for some designs, which is a rare type of QR code usage.

Download excel file below if you are interested.

data structure

animalxing_qrdata_v4.xlsx – Download

(June 15, 2013) Fixed and added color index info.

(June 17, 2013) Modified unique ID info.

(June 18, 2013) Modified unique ID info (*12 – *15).

English translation is in Sheet 2.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf, QR data structure」 に6件のコメント

  1. Chrono says:

    I’ve been trying to read in animal crossing codes for my own purpose, and I can’t get the palette colors to load correctly. I’ve verified that I have the correct bytes, but I’m not sure how to turn them into colors. For example:
    According to your QR reader, the palette is:
    0x71 0x74 0x78 0x11 0x14 0x07 0xb6 0xa4 0xa6 0x32 0x34 0x36 0x0f 0xd4 0x67

    In integer values:
    113 116 120 17 20 7 182 164 166 50 52 54 15 212 103

    Several of those are out of range of the 159 long list of colors, and only color 5 (0 based index) is correct. Any tips?

  2. Blu says:

    Really wish someone would make a program for computers using this. Too poor to actually own any smart phone right now.

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