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Android tool, Animal Xing Designer have been downloaded and used by quiet a number of people, with good feed-backs. However, recently there were some comments where color reduction is not working well. I was thinking of adding different type of color reduction algorithm, but found out there were problem in existing algorithm while reviewing source code.

Light colored area had trouble reducing color, where original image as follows;


result as follows in v1.31, where image data is mostly gone.


Dithering and color reduction is taking place, and color reduction algorithm were not working well in light colored area. I built new algorithm, and now color reduction is working better with v1.32.


I first thought problem is in dithering algorithm, so I’ve added Sierra2, Burkes, and Stucki method (originally using Floyd-Steinberg). I’ve left added methods so users can have more options, but hard to see the differences between different dithering methods…



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