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Privacy Policy

Effective date: March 13, 2017

Thank you for using Mobile Apps from nefastudio. This Privacy Policy explains what information is collected and how they are used by apps.


App access and collect the following types of information for following usage.

Collected data are used only inside app or within app on peripheral device side such as Android Wear or Sony Smartwatch device, and are not transferred outside through network without user notice. User may intentionally send data via embedded web browser, e-mail, share function, etc.

Note when you visit website through web browser function inside app, this Privacy Policy does not apply to those third-party websites or services.

App Collect Usage
 SMS App Address Book Data Used for user to select send address or show sender information.
 Google Calendar app

Watchface app

Alarm for Android Wear

Google Calendar Events Used for showing or modifying calendar information, setting alarm on/off, or showing upcoming event on watchface. App access data via standard Google Calendar API, and does not directly access Google Calendar server.
 App with license activation Unique Device ID Used for app license activation.
 Memo app

Stopwatch with GPS

GPS Location Used to embed location data to camera picture or stopwatch lap data.
 Camera app

Browser app

Design app

Helper tools app

Storage Data (Internal / Memory card) Used to store and read cache data, temporary working data, backup data, camera picture image, or saved data downloaded from internet.
 Browser app Google Account Was used to access Google bookmark data, but no longer works. Entered account data is encoded and saved to app setting data.
 Browser app

Design app

Helper tools app

Cookie and other data linked to web site Web browser function embedded to app uses standard Web browser function from Android. Web browser may use your cookie and other data, but app only utilize web function as an UI and does not access your personal data through them.
 Watchface app Phone Status Phone Status, such as mode, battery life, screen status, unread events, are collected to be shown on WatchFace.
 Browser app Installed Apps Installed apps are checked to enable / disable functions related to installed app.
Apps with Ad Ad related info App use Google AdMob / AdSense to show ads. Ad may collect your personal data and send to server to show effective ads.

Please refer to Google AdMob / AdSense policies for detail.


Apps does not send or share collected information in background. App only sends or shared data when you use share command inside app or send local data to server via network transfer function,


Data are stored to preferences database for app inside device storage area, and some other data such as camera picture, downloaded data are stored to either memory card (e.g. SD card) or internal storage data. No personal data are automatically stored over network directly from app.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Service, please find contact information from Google Play app page.


We may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please review it periodically. Your continued use of app after any modification to this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such modification.


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